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******You have a really remarkable store.  The Miraflores Locks were very cool, and my girls had a great time running around Panama Viejo (they might have even learned something while we were there), but for me the highlight of a trip to Panama City remains Flory Saltzman Molas


****Wow, that was fast! They arrived today in just 8 days. Nice selection. Thank you so much.
Now, let's  hope I can create something fabulous with them. I'll keep you posted.
*****and I adore it!!!
Thank you very much!
All the best,
Greetings Lynne,
The mola from your mother's collection is outstanding. A work of art. I enjoy the inventive use of perspective in the stems and leaves, creating depth and activity. The entire work is alive, yet not busy. It is quiet and whimsical and unified. 
My utmost thanks for the chance to add this mola to our collection. Please do not hesitate to send photographs of any others that you would recommend, particularly those that involve this imaginative push toward abstracton.
All the best to your family for the holidays,

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